Why everyone could use a refresher course in breathing 

Breathing exercises are for everyone who…breathes. For everyone who sometimes sighs deeply or gets out of breath during a conversation, or feels stress. Therefore, for everyone. 

Just imagine the following two scenarios. 

You want to cross the street, but suddenly a car comes speeding along and almost hits you. What does your breath change? Right: you breathe in and hold your breath. 

These are automatic reactions, your fight or flight response, your relaxation mechanism. However, check yourself: how do you usually breathe? Is it deeply in and out, or do you just stick to the minimum and it bearly reaches your lungs? 


How do you gain control of your breathing to relax? 

The good news is that you can always control your breath, so you can always use it to feel better and more relaxed. Even when you are at work, watching TV or walking. 


Who is this course for? 

For all those who get up and go to bed with hunched shoulders and shallow breath. For those who don’t have time to run a hot bath every time they want to relax. This is for those who want relaxation on the go. You do not need to have any experience of breathing exercises! 


Course Curriculum

Breathing For Relaxation
Welcome 00:15:00
Reflection Book 00:05:00
Your Breathing 00:15:00
How Often Do You Inhale? 00:15:00
How Do You Breathe? 00:15:00
Where Does Your Breathing Take Place? 00:20:00
Do You Feel Tension In Your Body? 00:10:00
The Breathing Scan 00:30:00
BreatheYour Head Clear 00:07:00
Connected Breathing 00:25:00
Breathe And Take Your Time 00:15:00

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