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There’s nothing wrong with stress, until your bucket fills up faster than it empties. You feel stress when you wake up, go to bed, and even when you try to relax. It’s time to learn how to manage your response to stressful situations!

Anxiety & Panic

It creeps up on you. In broad daylight, at a great party, at work or in bed. It makes you feel small and frustrated. Learn how to get through these moments with practical techniques.

Breath In
Breath Out

This is the

Stress and anxiety have different causes, but you feel them in a similar way in your mind and body. That’s why they are included in both basic packages:

Ready to go deeper?


Taking that first step and tackling the basics is no mean feat. But along the way, you may notice that there are some topics you respond to more. Your breathing exercises, for example, may work particularly well, or you might feel like there’s still more work to be done on your self-confidence. That’s why we have put together three deep-dive courses, to help you work in a targeted way.

"Fortunately, I can now just be social again and talk about my feelings, it's a true revelation."

Content of the kit

Help is on the way! These are short videos to help you start applying your newest techniques right away.

We turn theory into practice with assignments you can do at your own pace.

You're in

More to come

Relationship Stress, Loss, Nutrition...

There is a lot of work to be done. We are happy to discuss which modules you’d like to see. Would you like to stay up to date about new courses and tips? Then give us your e-mail address!


Didn’t help? You’ll get your money back.
Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But we have carefully put together the kits for people who prefer to get to work on their own, with practical tools.

Did you go through the kit and find that it didn’t help you? We’ll give you your money back. Of course, you can always let us know what you’d like to see, but you don’t have to give a reason.

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