About us

About us

The expertise of a mother and daughter coming together in one course: you do not come across this very often. One is a psychologist, the other a coach. That experience and knowledge are reflected in the course, combined with the love and a helping hand that naturally occurs between a mother and daughter. No high-minded texts, but a purposeful approach that you can apply anywhere and at any time. With a nod, humour and a down-to-earth attitude.


A highly sensitive person with panic attacks can also get a grip on their life again without medication and years of therapy: That is what Mirjam proves to you. After having experienced it herself, she now helps others to get their panic and anxiety under control in a practical way. She does this in a goal and solution-oriented way, but with the necessary humour.


Twenty years ago, she welcomed her first client. Since then, she has seen and heard hundreds of people and stories. Willeke knows better than anyone how to make it possible for you to deal with your anxiety and other emotions with compassion and a down-to-earth attitude.

She helps you find the solution within yourself instead of on the outside.

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